Twenty1Zero Media Feedback
Our apologies for not getting back to you until now, but we were really busy designing and building our website.

We did however check you guys out and we really liked what we heard too. We have been listening to you here in our office this morning, and as we type this you are actually playing in the background too -"An Angel Left My Side" - and we really impressed with your tunes too.

We gave you a plug on our page and recommended you to our fans. As well as that we also posted the link to your Facebook page.

The best of luck with your gig that you have coming up on Saturday night too.
Adding Shine to the Lochaber Music Scene
WHEN Kinlochleven band The Shine’s Paul Martin sings, he’s got the kind of voice that makes everyone sit up and take notice.
It’s only his Tourette’s that takes a back seat.
In August, the five-piece band make their Edinburgh debut at the Acoustic Music Centre at St Bride’s as part of the festival fringe.
And though it’s a big moment for the band, it will follow a packed few months.

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West Fest Strontian
"Michelle said the two performances from Kinlochleven band The Shine provided some memorable highlights.'They didn't have a great slot on Saturday at 1pm when people were still arriving' she said.'But when they played on Sunday, the pub was packed and they rocked the place. We've started calling them the 'Highland Beatles'. They've got a huge range of covers, from King's of Leon, to Oasis, to the Cranberries, and they know just how to pitch their music to suit the mood.'" Thanks Michelle! @WestFest-strontian